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Roblox Meepcity by Firehunter397 Roblox Meepcity :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 4 0 Crimson's two form by Firehunter397 Crimson's two form :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 5 0 A.T.A:'You can't hide forever' by Firehunter397 A.T.A:'You can't hide forever' :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 4 0 Pokemoments: Failure plan by Firehunter397 Pokemoments: Failure plan :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 5 0 Pokemoments: Beautiful view by Firehunter397 Pokemoments: Beautiful view :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 5 0 Possessed by Firehunter397 Possessed :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 5 1 Painted Flames vs Wild Fire by Firehunter397 Painted Flames vs Wild Fire :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 7 2 Nucleus the energy elemental by Firehunter397 Nucleus the energy elemental :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 6 0 Sentinel and Blackdeath by Firehunter397 Sentinel and Blackdeath :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 5 3 By the campfire by Firehunter397 By the campfire :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 10 0 Pokemoments by Firehunter397 Pokemoments :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 7 2 Cloud's hidden side by Firehunter397 Cloud's hidden side :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 7 0
The attack part 2
Minecraftia, Zendor region,
Mabadar, 3 hours before the attack
Rowen was on his morning routin walk around the town to see if anything is out of place, and so far everything is alright.
Rowen: Well, it seems like everything is okay.
Nick: For now at least.
Rowen: Oh hey Nick, what did you mean by that?
Nick: Ask the Fortuneteller, he’ll give you a full answer to your question.
Rowen: Then I’ll ask him.
With that said he walked over to the fortuneteller’s house and knocked on the door.
Fortuneteller: Ah Rowen my friend, it’s good to see you, how’s your family doing.
Rowen: Same with you Fortuneteller and they’re doing fine.
Fortuneteller: I’m glad to hear that, but have your daughter started to show any of her powers yet?
Rowen: Well, besides the ones she got from me and Ardena, there hasn’t been any other power.
Fortuneteller: Then time will tell when the other ones will starting to show up.
Rowen: Anyways, Nick told me to ask you about s
:iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 2 0
Portul (Gmod versions) by Firehunter397 Portul (Gmod versions) :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 7 1 A cold encounter by Firehunter397 A cold encounter :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 6 3 Pokefighters: Rhino vs Faust by Firehunter397 Pokefighters: Rhino vs Faust :iconfirehunter397:Firehunter397 7 0


A Janitor's tale - page 12 by Creeperchild A Janitor's tale - page 12 :iconcreeperchild:Creeperchild 32 56 Wolf pack by Vinyl14Flames Wolf pack :iconvinyl14flames:Vinyl14Flames 42 5 Ask 259. Dragon Thoughts by KellenLegendary Ask 259. Dragon Thoughts :iconkellenlegendary:KellenLegendary 4 0 Chapter 1 Incoming Shadows 15 by WolfSunSky Chapter 1 Incoming Shadows 15 :iconwolfsunsky:WolfSunSky 4 4 A Janitor's tale - page 11 by Creeperchild A Janitor's tale - page 11 :iconcreeperchild:Creeperchild 43 91 Situation with Cheater by Lexelin Situation with Cheater :iconlexelin:Lexelin 17 8 Ask us #2: Demon hunting weapons by OliTheMessangerOwl Ask us #2: Demon hunting weapons :iconolithemessangerowl:OliTheMessangerOwl 3 1
My Idea For A Zombie Virus
How it's spread:
It spreads via contact with the body fluids of an infected human or the bite of an infected bat.
After 12 to 24 hours:Coughing
Sore Throat
After 36 to 48 hours:NauseaVomitingDiarrheaPhotophobia (increased sensitivity to light)InsomniaParanoiaAfter 60 to 72 hours:Gray skinBloodshot eyesHair lossDementiaSeizuresComaAfter death:You come back as a zombie unless your brain is removed or destroyed
What the zombies are like:
Zombies hunger for uninfected humans, don't need water to survive, and can survive almost anything as long as their heads aren't removed or destroyed.  They feel no fear, pain, or fatigue.  However, they can't climb or swim.  They also hate sunlight and will hide indoors or in dark places like sewers during the day time.
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
:iconbravebravesirbrian:bravebravesirbrian 3 107
Mature content
Ace of Spades Chapter 6: The Truth :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 4 6
Fathers Day: Part 1 by Moonman221998 Fathers Day: Part 1 :iconmoonman221998:Moonman221998 5 13 Ask us #1: Night-time activities by OliTheMessangerOwl Ask us #1: Night-time activities :iconolithemessangerowl:OliTheMessangerOwl 4 0 Ask us by OliTheMessangerOwl Ask us :iconolithemessangerowl:OliTheMessangerOwl 3 3 A Janitor's tale - page 10 by Creeperchild A Janitor's tale - page 10 :iconcreeperchild:Creeperchild 39 64
MyStreet MCD Lore(Travis MyStreet Theory)~June 21~
Warning! This contains spoilers from Emerald Secret, Aphmau's Year and Minecraft Diares. Spoilers for future MyStreet seasons/episodes are possible. If you do not wish to be spoiled, I suggest you ignore this! If new updates are added, they will be shown in bold text.
Let's talk about our spin of the ever so popular "MCD Theory" for MyStreet that has been going around the entire Aphmau community, shall we~?
So first off, let's talk about the scene that started this whole theory. After the credits in the last episode on MyStreet Season 4 "Emerald Secret", we see a cutscene. It seemed to be a flashback to when the main characters were at a very young age and were visiting the lodge, back when it was a vacation home. We see Garte and a white-haired man standing at the front, talking while Zianna looked after a young Travis, Vylad, Zane and Garroth. Derek eventually comes out of the lodge, saying he was with Aaron inside. Soon enough, the white-haired refers to Tra
:iconmayakoequalstrashcan:MayakoEqualsTrashCan 14 22
Enki by WolfSunSky Enki :iconwolfsunsky:WolfSunSky 4 88 UnderDiaries by Kathy1523 UnderDiaries :iconkathy1523:Kathy1523 105 78



Roblox Meepcity
This was first time I joined this server and already love it, but mostly because of the avatar editor feature

(I really wish I could get the items for this look, but I have no Robux to buy them)
I'm not gonna be able to make any Gmod picture/comic for a while, since I have to remake all of the saves and dupes I had, but I think I've at least one or two Gmod comic that I can upload, but I gotta finish the text on them first.
Crimson's two form
It was about time finally give Crimson a daytime form, since so far he's been only seen in nighttime (shadow) form.
A.T.A:'You can't hide forever'
Something have made Kath and Nagato to go feral and attack Dipper, who's now hiding from them and only has shotgun with him, but it won't be enough against the two of them, so he have to think of a plan before they find him.
Should I make comics or should I just write the story?

Tell me wich one should I do.


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